Blogs - Keeping your confidential property safe during Holidays with Offline Monitoring

Keeping your confidential property safe during Holidays with Offline Monitoring!!

-By Prarthana Singh, 11 June 2019

With the advancement in the field of digitalization and networking people have the flexibility of working from home. Due to thriving mobile workforce management, it has become difficult to keep a track of all your data and employees on roaming devices connected to different networks.

This presents a unique threat to your data being leaked accidentally or intentionally.

Consider this

Sometimes a remote user who is out of network coverage or internet connectivity might fortuitously share your confidential data without getting detected.

Or there can be instances when an employee working from home with poor internet access is spending their time playing offline games instead of working.

Introducing inDefend’s Offline Monitoring

inDefend’s latest feature Offline Monitoring allows you to keep a track of user activities even in offline mode. With Offline Monitoring you can monitor all user endpoints & generate systematic logs discreetly. Once the user connects to the internet, the logs will get automatically synced & you can get accurate results on the Dashboard.

Benefits of Offline Monitoring :

1. Monitor all your employee activities & their productivity levels even while they’re working in airplane mode.
2. Get detailed logs of the various applications access by the user & the amount of time he/she has spent on accessing different files during the day.
3. Prevent the leakage of sensitive data through multiple endpoints like USB, external hard drives & block its usage even while on the move.
4. Detailed log generation of incidents & amount of time spent on unauthorized application even while inDefend’s server is not connected.
5. Take screenshots of the user’s screen & keep a track of their unproductive hours while users are in offline mode.