Blogs - Damages Caused by Data Breach in the Organization

Damages Caused by Data Breach in the Organization

-By Prarthana Singh, 21 May 2019

Data Breach can happen to any organization, whether they’re big or small. It can lead to fatal downfall of an organization. Here are some of the major damages that Data Breach can cause.

Ruined Reputation  -Hackers/insiders can falsely use your organizational assets to access private documents and broadcast them publicly, subsequently leading to customers losing their trust in your organization.

Vandalism  - By planting false information, hackers/insiders can cause a serious threat to your company’s reputation and goodwill.

Damaged Intellectual Property  - If hackers/insiders gain access to your website or network, they can potentially access your servers and data, leaving all your intellectual property at a great risk of being compromised.

Revenue Loss  -Data Breach could lead to cease your business operations, which eventually leads to a loss of revenue.

Stunted Growth  - Your competitors can get access to your stolen data and get a visibility over your key business strategies resulting into loss of potential clients and a stunted growth.

Eliminate Data Breach Damage With inDefend

1. Protect sensitive information, national secrets leakage via agents (laptop, desktop, mobile, printers, and personal emails). 
2. Prevents leakage of sensitive data through various external USB devices, hard-disks, etc. 
3. Allows you to block websites based on categories. 
4. Detects and track illegitimate activities of people working under third-party contract. 
5. Allows you to keep a track of illegal and unauthorized installation of compromised or pirated software. 
6. Allows you to control bandwidth usage with active enforcement of application whitelisting 
7. Manage and monitor misuse of server resources.