Tired of looking for a perfect solution for end point security

-By Prarthana Singh, 21 May 2019

After embracing the growing mobile workforce trend, corporate communications, processes and working without borders have become a lot easier. However, with the increase in the adoption of working from remote places, the risk of losing sensitive data has increased as well. Endpoints such as laptops, smartphones and tablets pose the largest risk.

A study shows that 90% of the organization’s corporate data resides on endpoint enabled devices. Another study says that 60% of the people are unable to prevent a security exploit due to outdated security solutions. Implementing better security solutions across various endpoints is a must for every organization. 

Benefits of USB Enforced Encryption

1. Prevents the leakage of data & keeps critical information secure by blocking USB Storage, MTP, and local network printers. 
2. Get detailed logs of all various USB devices that have been accessed by the user during the day. 
3. Advanced Authentication that helps you determine if an unauthorized user using multiple endpoints. 
4. Secures your confidential data by blocking the use of the endpoints even while on the move.

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