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Types of Partnerships

You can readily engage with us as a sales partner or a technology partner


Software Distributors

You should be a company in the business of software distributorship for atleast 3 years. Should have considerable number of channel partners under you.


Channel Partners

You should be a company in the business of selling software to end customers in the B2B segment for atleast 2 years and have a running sales team.


Managed Security

You should be a company in the business of providing security as a managed service to end enterprise customers for atleast 2 years.



Independent Software Vendors or Original Equipment Manufacturers are welcome to partner with us to bundle or embed our product under this partnership.

Become a Partner

How do you become a partner and engage with us as a partner ?

Step 1

Register with Us as a Partner

Step 2

Sign the partnership contract with us after agreeing to all profit sharing options.

Step 3

We will provide all technical and sales training to your relevant teams through our inbuilt programmes.

Step 4

Get your engineers certified as inDefend Sales Professionals and inDefend Certified Support Professional

Step 5
Value Addition

With a finely trained team and a great support team in the backend, be ready to give a amazing value additioon to your captive customers.

Step 6

With a great product and a great service, you will soon have a Happy Customer !