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Problem Identified

  • Companies with small to medium sized workforces have the dual challenge of achieving growth in a secure and risk-free environment as well as implementing cost-efficient solutions to achieve such growth.
  • Data security and employee productivity remain key concerns for such organizations, however implementation of a structured IT security solution in such organization becomes a challenge due to lack of organized IT environments, dedicated resources to look after the security, administration and networking requirements and conservative budgets for security enhancement and business risk mitigation.
  • Data Resolve offers a state-of-the-art cloud-based security solution offering, ideally suited for such organizations providing Data Leakage Prevention and employee productivity monitoring in a cost-efficient, pay per use and scalable model.


  • Enforced encryption to ensure the data moving out of the network is secured from misuse and detailed monitoring and logging of removable media transactions
  • Detailed employee activity reporting, helping you in employee assessment
  • Content wise monitoring of the emails and attachments
  • Shadow Logging of the email body and attachments
  • Near real time alerts for malicious and sensitive activity
  • Blacklisting of removable media devices, network domains and URLs

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