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With the retail and e-commerce industry having seen a lot of demand as well as competition in the past few years, the necessity for organizations operating in this domain have a more pressing need than before to secure their business-critical information, data related to their suppliers and distributors. These companies also need to maintain compliances and adherence to industry standards when performing financial transactions with their end users.


A strong information security in policy can go a long way in strengthening the business operations of the company and significant reduce business and reputational risks. Data Resolve’s solution offering is useful to retail and e-commerce organizations in creating such a secure operating environment by providing Data Leakage Prevention , enforced encryption, and granular email monitoring.


  • Enforced encryption on the data moving out through removable media
  • Detailed monitoring of the emails going out through organizational endpoint computers
  • Screenshot monitoring for extreme forensics and investigations on suspected endpoint computers
  • Shadow logging of email attachments, email body and files uploaded to the web
  • Complete centralized administrative control for framing and implementation of policy which can be done employee specific too
  • Detailed logging of removable media transactions
  • Near real time alerts for any malicious and sensitive activity through email and SMS
  • Daily granular reporting of the network activity


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