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inDefend Business – Data protection and Cyber Intelligence suite helps businesses and enterprises to achieve full control over all the organization computers by minimizing possibility of data theft across the enterprise network while maintaining relevant data access through device and network access control, simultaneously blocking all kinds of unauthorized removable media devices, websites, email attachments and file uploads.

Deployment Model



Instant server account setup on best in-class server

providers like AWS and IBM Softlayer Servers


Locally account setup on trusted In-house Servers
 Suggested for SMBs with no in-house

server requirement

Industry Typerabbit-icon-industrial2 Suggested for Enterprises with in-house server setup
Automatic software upgrades are done Upgrades

Upgrades are managed locally with business security team’s intervention
Data Resolve team supports server upgrades and maintenance 24/7 Support

Data Resolve team conducts frequent server health checks
Server maintenance, support and upgrades cost is included Cost

Server health check up, support and required upgrades cost is included.

  • Analytics
  • Data Leakage PreventionContent-based policies for detection and prevention of confidential information being transmitted by employees via various channels. We built cyber analytics that provide analytics on Data Leakage Prevention
  • Employee Productivity ManagementDetailed monitoring and controlling of the employee desktop and laptop activities in order to assess the employee Behavior


  • Bring more business by ensuring secure customer data – extremely important for overseas clients
  • Control and reporting of email, web and USB device usage of employees against data breach
  • Track and control usage of personal emails against data breach
  • Increase productivity of employees by restricting access to un-productive websites like social networking, gaming and chat sites
  • Keep track of job searches, freelancing, espionage and critical information sharing by employees
  • Minimize chances of malware and spyware spreading inside the network
  • Increase availability of internet bandwidth by blocking video streaming, LAN gaming and other high internet intensive applications
  • Prevent compromise of sensitive data through accidental loss of USB Drives
  • Selectively allow internet data cards and employee owned devices
  • Maintain an international security standard on use of your business data

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