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Insider Threat Management Solution

The solution provides a centralized management console via which the customer can monitor and control all the major channels that can lead to data theft. inDefend provides a holistic view of all the employee activities and is a proactive approach to monitor employee behaviour.






Why inDefend ?

  • Monitoring of sensitive and/or unproductive activities performed by the employees
  • Detecting and preventing employee attrition attempts
  • Helping you in maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data
  • Periodic data privacy assessment services
  • Near real-time Email and SMS alerts about any malicious activities happening within your company network
  • Preventing Data leak attempts and enforced encryption on allocated USB devices
  • Granular reporting of all the activities and events happening in your network can help you planning your policies for improving your productivity and safety
  • Periodic reporting for compliance to data privacy controls

Deployment Model



Instant server account setup on best in-class server

providers like AWS and IBM Softlayer Servers

Deployment Locally account setup on trusted In-house Servers
 Suggested for SMBs with no in-house

server requirement

Industry Type Suggested for Enterprises with in-house server setup
Automatic software upgrades are done Upgrades Upgrades are managed locally with business security team’s intervention
Data Resolve team supports server upgrades and maintenance 24/7 Support Data Resolve team conducts frequent server health checks
Server maintenance, support and upgrades cost is included Cost Server health check up, support and required upgrades cost is included.

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