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Banking & Finance

Extreme caution has to be taken by organizations in the banking and financial services sector as they deal with vast amounts of sensitive customer data. The services provided by these organizations have a direct impact on the financial well-being of their customers. As such, it is imperative for such organizations to ensure that all transactions and operations conducted by them happen in a safe, secure, regulated and confidential environment.


These organizations also need to obtain reports of earliest detection of malicious and sensitive activities occurring within their environment which can hamper the integrity of sensitive information and lead to business and reputation loss.


Keeping these safety concerns in mind, Data Resolve has come up with a solution that can be easily applied to typical work environments in the banking and financial services sector.



  • Enforced encryption feature securing financial data moving out through the endpoints of organizational network
  • Stealth mode tracking of the network activities for conducting secret investigations and catching culprits with evidences of malicious activities
  • Obtaining shadow copies of outgoing email attachments and files uploaded via HTTP / HTTPS for performing post-incident forensics and investigation if required
  • Near real time alerts via SMS or email to the administrator for malicious and sensitive activities
  • Content wise tracking of data transfer activities through network computer
  • In depth cyber intelligence reports providing a 360 degree view of the business risks prevailing within the organization
  • Helps organizations in getting compliant with the IT security related points of SOX, ISO-27002,PCI-DSS, GLBA
  • Screenshot monitoring for performing in-depth forensics over sensitive activities performed by the employees


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