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With huge amounts of sensitive and confidential information present within the organization network in digital form, it is essential for governments and federal organizations to secure them.


Leakage of critical information from such networks can create chaos, embarrassment and loss of reputation. With incidents like Wikileaks having occurred in the past, it is evident that even after putting up severe barricades and physical security, data can find its way out.


Keeping all this in mind, Data Resolve has come up with a solution which helps governments and federal organizations in tracking their employees’ activities and providing enforced encryption for data moving outside of the organization. Confidentiality remains bounded using 128-bit AES encryption used for this purpose.



  • Keeps track of the confidential data transfer and exchange through your network endpoints
  • Provides organizations full control to block and monitor any outsider device
  • Screenshot monitoring enables organizations to view the activities happening on their employees’ computers
  • Crucial alerts of any malicious activity occurring via organizational endpoints are sent to the administrator and top management via email and/or SMS in near real time
  • Enables you to ensure that the organization’s critical resources and information are being used for productive and authorized purposes
  • Helps you in employee assessment and easy decision making
  • Detailed information about the mails getting sent and the chat activities from the organizational network, thus saving sensitive data from getting leaked
  • Gives full authority to the administrators and top management to manage what resources their employees have access to in their network

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