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Problem Identified

  • Companies worldwide deal with huge volumes of confidential information including customer data, customer billing information, the information related to the business of the company itself. Huge amounts of this information gets generated and stored at each of the endpoints and continues to stay unprotected against malicious activities like theft, unauthorized share, copy and transfer to a different location.
  • Further, for companies to actively move towards growth, and reach new heights, it needs the focused and dedicated efforts of its highly skilled employees.
  • Our flagship product, inDefend helps organizations to take care of their IT security concerns and to support their overall growth by maximizing employee productivity and minimizing business security risks.


  • Detailed monitoring and Enforced encryption on all the digital data going out through Removable media devices
  • Detailed content wise Emails and attachment monitoring
  • Complete centralized administrative control for the network and removable media activities
  • Daily detailed employee wise reporting through email
  • Near real time sensitive and malicious activity alerts through emails and SMS
  • Shadow logging for the emails and attachments
  • Screenshot monitoring for extensive employee monitoring
  • Detailed employee wise network activity reporting to help you in employee assessment
  • Skype and IM chat detailed monitoring
  • Blacklisting of removable media devices, network domains and URLs

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