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Employee Forensics

In depth analysis and detection of the malicious activities performed by employees via various channels, with inbuilt tools for performing extreme monitoring.


  • Logging of the employee browser and application activities
  • Shadow logging
  • Screen shot monitoring
  • Session logging of the employee activities along with the application or document name
  • Logging of the employee chat activities
  • Logging of the employee email activities along with Bcc and Subject
  • Logging of data transfer via Removable media
  • Content wise filtering for file uploads and attachments logs
  • Stealth mode monitoring
  • Forensics Scanner






  • Detailed logs for all the malicious activities
  • Capability to get the filtering done on the already generated logs as per newly created template
  • Screen shots capturing the malicious activities in process
  • Shadow logging captures the data leak via file uploads and emails
  • Time session logs help you determine document and application users
  • Detailed reporting of an employee behavior over multiple parameters in order to access him/her
  • Details of the file transfer happening via removable media
  • Details of the destination and source of the content going our via file uploads and attachments
  • Detailed logging of the sensitive chat destinations and chat initiators