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With technology growing by leaps and bounds, it gets really tough for parents to keep track of their children’s activities, especially on social media which plays a very crucial role in his overall personality development.


Further, educational institutions need to ensure that access to online resources from within their environment is provided to students in a secure and responsible manner.


To help parents and educational institutions meet this requirement, Data Resolve offers a solution which enables them to not only keep track of children’s online activities but also to control what online resources they can access, thus keeping them safe from harmful malicious and sensitive activities.


  • Helps parents and educational institutions in keeping track of what the students are browsing and keeping the harmful elements at bay
  • Lets parents and educational institutions control what online resources can be accessed by children and students
  • Helps educational institutions and parents remain updated about any sensitive or malicious activities happening within their premise
  • Helps educational institutions in becoming CIPA compliant


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