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Data Leakage Prevention

Content-based policies for detection and prevention of confidential information being transmitted by employees via various channels.


  • Control of Removable device usage
  • Control file Uploads to websites
  • Control attachments and file uploads on filename keywords and extension
  • Control attachments and file uploads on basis of content filtering
  • Control application usage
  • Control file Operations(Cut, Copy, Delete)
  • Enforced encryption





  • Selective and complete blocking of removable media
  • Blocking of file uploads and attachments on the basis of file extensions and domains
  • Blocking of file uploads to Skype and IM
  • Blocking of applications
  • Restriction on file operation for admin specified parent folders
  • Content wise blocking of the file uploads and attachments
  • Enforced encryption ensuring no misuse of the data in case of loss or misplacement