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With every company coming up with new and innovative ideas to stay a step ahead of their competition, these ideas are essential for the company to create a strong standing in the market. Losing such business critical information (design documents, dealer information, spare parts and accessories prices etc.) to any outsider can directly impact the strategy and operation of the organization.


To avoid such situations and keeping the needs of confidentiality and business continuity in mind, Data Resolve has come up with a solution which lets you control and monitor the network activities in your premise and lets you implement the preventive policies for reduction of any possible malicious activity.


  • 128 bit AES enforced encryption on the data leaving your organization’s endpoints
  • Restrictive security policies can be implemented by using inDefend for preventing unauthorized outflow of data by various channels
  • User wise detailed activity reports to the administrator via email
  • Sensitive or malicious activity alerts via email or SMS in near real time to administrator
  • Helps organizations in getting compliant with the IT security related points of ISO 27002, SOX
  • Provides the administrator full control and monitoring of endpoint computers both within network and out of network


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