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Cyber Intelligent Private Army for your Business Data

Data Resolve is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end points, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms, with products christened as “inDefend –Solution for Insider Threat Management for Desktop and Laptops” and “MobSec – Solution for Mobile Workforce Management for Smart Devices”.


Our product offers a mechanism via which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data loss and data theft. Hence, it provides a proactive approach to the organizations by facilitating the following:

  • User Behavioural Analysis, commonly known as UBA
  • Centralized Management Console for efficient management
  • Real Time Based Incident Reporting via SMS Alerts
  • Email Based Daily Reports
  • Analytics via Cyber Intelligence Report highlighting the key sensitive data leakage scenarios with proof


Team Data Resolve advices to get an overall risk assessment index for your organization along with recommendations on improvisation of policies to minimize the risks detected through the report.



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