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inDefend Business

Data protection and Cyber Intelligence suite helps businesses and enterprises to achieve full control over all the organization computers by minimizing possibility of data theft across the enterprise network while maintaining relevant data access through device and network access control, simultaneously blocking all kinds of unauthorized removable media devices, websites, email attachments and file uploads.

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inDefend Solution Modules


– Browsing Activity Analytics

– Network Application Analytics

– Web File Uploads Analytics

Data Leakage Prevention

Email control

– Website control

– Data At Rest

Employee Productivity Management

– Chat Monitoring

– Search Activity Monitoring

– Email Monitoring

Device Control

– Device Whitelisting

– Removable Media Control

– Device Blocking


– Enforced Encryption

– Internal Access Restriction

Employee Forensics

– Screen shot Monitoring

– Shadow Logging

MobSec Business

A comprehensive mobile workforce management solution, serves the crucial need for enterprises to manage the usage and flow of critical information on smart phones and tablets. Going a step ahead of the contemporary MDM solutions MobSec also provides powerful reporting for device activity analytics and non-compliant activities, allowing detailed visibility to the administrators.

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MobSec Solution Modules

Mobile Device Management

– Device Inventory Management

– Device Tamper Detection

Mobile Data Security

– Geofencing and Time Fencing

– Extended Android APIs Support

– Profile Based Monitoring

Mobile Application Management

– Application Inventory Tracking

Mobile Content Management

– Corporate Data Monitoring and Safety




– Real Time Dashboard

– Real Time Non-Compliant Incident

Employee Productivity Management

– Call, SMS and MMS Monitoring

(Inbound excluded) Reporting

– Browser/Search Activity Monitoring

– App Usage Monitoring

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